Last updated: July 23 2017

My name is Kenneth. I'm 23.

I'm a self-taught programmer, internet marketer and security enthusiast.

Welcome to my blog!

I write guides and tutorials about pretty much everything related to ethical hacking, pen testing and online privacy. On occasion, I will write about web development and web security.

Here's what to expect from this blog:

My Goal

My ultimate goal is to not only share actionable Kali Linux hacking tutorials, but also to show you the methods hackers use to steal your information, and how to protect yourself from it.

Here's why you should stick around

After doing a lot of niche research, I found a lot of blogs/websites similar to mine. But most of them were either publishing the same content over and over, or their content was very outdated.

I mean, seriously, how to crack WEP?! No one uses that shit anymore.

The real reason why you should stick around is because there's very useful knowledge and techniques that I haven't seen shared or written about anywhere online - and so I plan to bring them into light in the next coming weeks.

Need website help?

Did I forget to mention I'm a full-stack web developer and I'm willing to help anyone who has any questions about building a website?

No but really, I'm a nice guy and I'll try and help you as much as I can.

What was that? How much will it cost? Only a flat rate of $80,085 or $1337/hr.

Jokes. I don't charge nada. Null. Zero. Seriously. I will help you for FREE.


Come say hi to me.

​If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or if you're interested in collaborating - get in touch!

Just send me an email and I will respond as soon as I can.

You can also connect with me via TwitterGoogle+ or Instagram.

This website (kennyvn.com) is for educational and informational purposes only. 
Use the knowledge acquired herein responsibly.